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Say Hello To: 

Our Recruitment Chairs! 

Dear Potential New Members, 


As recruitment quickly approaches, we couldn't be more excited to open our doors this fall! We've loved planning and preparing, but the true joy has been getting to learn about each and every one of you. You all bring something so unique, and it's an honor to get to share this journey with you. The thought of meeting you all in just a couple of weeks is incredibly special-- we can't wait!

We would love to share a little bit about each round and why we treasure each day so much: 


Open House Round is full of energy from start to finish. Whether it's nerves, excitement, or a mix of both, the wait is finally over, and welcoming MC 24 home is just around the corner. This round goes by in a flash, so we savor every moment of officially meeting you.


Philanthropy Round is particularly special because we get to share Alpha Chi's mission with you. We spend the day talking about what love means to us and discussing all things healthy relationships.


Sisterhood Round is when everything comes full circle for us. We get to show you our favorite place on earth, the place we call our home away from home. We hope you can feel the love we pour into Alpha Chi and see the friendships we've created that will last a lifetime.


Preference round is the last day of recruitment and perhaps the most heartfelt. As a PNM, you'll experience one of the most personal and sacred parts of Alpha Chi, and get to know our chapter on a deeper level.


Needless to say, we can't even begin to choose a favorite round of recruitment. Each day brings something different and brings us closer to meeting the newest member class of Alpha Chi. We're looking forward to learning even more about you and finally sharing these experiences together!

Anna Welch, Madsy Hanks, & Ava Buchanan

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Recruitment Team 2024

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August 7-8: Open House 

August 9: Philanthropy round

August 10: Sisterhood round

August 11: Preference round 

August 12: BID DAY 

Panhellenic Recruitment Info:

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